Frequently Asked Questions

Mynigerianjobs is a vibrant company that is
revolutionizing the labour market. Driven by such core values as collaboration
and proactivity, we offer an innovative online recruitment solution that gives
companies access to the best talent as well as giving candidates the
opportunity to reach their full potential in a job where they’ll feel happy. We
have changed the face of job searching: we can now instantaneously suggest job
postings and companies to our candidate members. At Mynigerianjobs, we create
the perfect match!

Mynigerianjobs’ team is composed of 28 enthusiastic
employees who believe that everyone deserves to be happier at work, to be
pleased to go back to work every Monday morning and meet up with colleagues.
We’re a team with our heart on our sleeve!


·         Over 2,000 companies who have recruited candidates with us;

No! We’re not a placement agency. We don’t meet with candidates like you who apply for jobs. Instead, we prefer to put you in direct contact with employers thanks to our web interface, either through our job postings or your online candidate profile. In short, your résumé or profile is almost automatically sent directly to employers.

Looking for a job Mynigerianjobs is totally free! You can apply for as many jobs as you like.

Developed for the next-generation job seeker
Job hunting in the 21st century has changed. Stop searching! We feature
companies that are actively recruiting and show job postings that fit your
profile. You’ll have a lot to choose from!


Find your ideal job!
With Mynigerianjobs, discover the work environments for each company. Explore
their images, videos, benefits and much more. Envision working there!

You’re an asset. And we
know it!

Our approach is unique. We automatically send your profile to companies that
are looking for a candidate like you. Let them charm you with their offers!

Privileged access to the
hidden job market

Use Mynigerianjobs to communicate with potential employers by applying for
their career opportunities and make the most of all your contacts by connecting
through your favourite social network!

Discover the largest
network of employers

MyNigerianjobs features Over2,000 companies who recruit online!

A team with their heart on their sleeve!
We are people with our heart on our sleeve and we understand your reality. Call us and we’ll give you a hand!